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Shreveport Foundation Inspection

If you need your foundation checked out, contact us for a free estimate and Shreveport foundation inspection. We are skilled at comprehensive foundation repair and can tell you what caused your foundation problems. Foundation Repair Shreveport has been repairing foundations on homes and businesses in Louisiana, protecting families and preserving the history of our state. We have the experience to identify the problem, develop the best solution, and repair it right the first time.

Reliable Foundation Inspection in Shreveport

At Foundation Repair Shreveport, we take pride in being the top Shreveport foundation company. We proudly offer many services, including foundation inspection in Shreveport and the following:

  • Free inspection and estimates
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Complete foundation repair
  • Licensed professional contractors
  • Uniformed personnel
  • Fully insured

Does Your Home Have Foundation Problems?

You can check periodically for foundation problems yourself by checking for several main signs. First, you can check for cracks on the exterior walls of your home. Check near doorways, windows, or along windowsills. Vertical cracks usually indicate that the foundation is settling or heaving in an irregular way (some parts are settling more than others), which create cracks and can lead to structural problems. You can also check to make sure that windows are gliding open easily and that doors fit snug. Another thing to check for is cracks in the interior walls or ceiling of your home. These cracks are usually caused by settling and could indicate that other problems are occurring as well. Drainage problems (such as water pooling around the foundation of your home) can lead to cracked foundations and other problems within the structure of your home.

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